About this site

My name is Eoin O'Kennedy and I've been using Phalcon for just over a year now with great satisfaction. I'm a Lecturer in an Institute of Technology in Dublin, Ireland. I've been using Phalcon by way of a straightforward introduction for my students to MVC Frameworks. I have experimented with various different frameworks but found Phalcon to be the best for my needs.

The main issue I had with other PHP frameworks was speed. The speed issue seems to be particularly acute in PHP when ORM is involved. Strategies to address the speed issue on standard PHP frameworks tend to involve the use of cache. This may work for a machines running in a production environment but, when teaching, the systems we work on don't often get to that point.

Over the last year or so I've put together a number of step by step guides for how to do things in Phalcon including getting the Security Plugin working and integrating with external components such as FullCalendar and Google Maps API.

This website is fully powered by Phalcon and has been built as an opportunity for me to share some ideas and approaches I have found to work well.